Raspberry pi “timelapse in a box” project – Part 1

Years ago I did a timelapse video of a drive down from San Francisco to Orange County, California using a netbook running Ubuntu and gphoto2 hooked up to a crappy point and shoot camera. At the time, I thought that I could use the netbook and expand the idea to make a sort of portable timelapse device that would do everything all in one container, but dropped the idea due to how bulky carrying around the netbook was.

When the Raspberry Pi was announced, however, it sparked my interest again. Here was a small computer that ran Linux and could be built into bigger projects. I ordered one as soon as it was announced and in May of 2012 I had my hands on the pocket computer that was going to change everything. Then life happened and I never got around to it.

When the Raspberry Pi 2 was announced I was intrigued. Unlike the original Pi, this one runs an ARMv7 processor which means I can throw a normal Linux distro on it rather than the specially modified debian I was running before. And so, I ordered one the day they became available.

This project is going to be separated out into two parts, hardware and software. For the hardware I have the Pi itself and a LCD module that I’m hoping to use as the main way of controlling the device. Camera will depend on whatever I end up carrying around with me at the time, though the most likely will be a Canon 500D.

As for software, I’m using this as a sort of learning experience. I’m hoping to write everything in python using gphoto2 to capture the images, pillow to resize and crop the images from the camera to 1080p, lcdproc to drive the LCD module and gstreamer to convert the image sequence to h264 using the gst-omx extension that (theoretically) uses the Pi’s native h264 encoding capability. For OS, I’m running Ubuntu 14.04.1, as per this wiki post, as I run Ubuntu on my main desktop and it’ll make developing easier, and code will be posted to this github repository.

I’m using the blog posts to document my progress, though posts may be sporadic due to the fact that I very rarely have free time to work on side projects. Hopefully the next post will be soon.

Camarones Saltados


This week’s challenge was Peruvian, and while I have a passing familiarity with Peruvian food, I’ve never attempted to actually make any. I decided I would do a take on camarones saltados, but due to not being able to find any aji amarillo peppers, this is not entirely accurate. What follows is mostly “Peruvian inspired” rather than straight Peruvian fare, and as such I will not be including a recipe at the end.

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